Organic Tea

ehor Organic Tea

Organic hand-picked twig TEA 35 gr

From the rough mountain of Epirus, North Greece, far away from conventional crops, we collect by hand wild organic herbs. The dried leaves of the herb are still attached to the twig and it is offered to you naturally in a clear biodegradable bag which is inside a modern design eco friendly kraft packaging.   










1650s, earlier chaa (1590s, from Port. cha), from Malay teh and directly from Chinese (Amoy dialect) t'e, in Mandarin ch'a. The ancient Greek philosopher Hippocrates, called the father of modern medicine, hailed mountain tea for its benefits to the immune system and the respiratory system. Greek mountain tea is a common term used in the Greek islands, Turkey and bordering countries, to refer to any tea made from a great variety of wild growing herbs.


Store the dried type of the herb in a cool, dark place for a maximum of six months so that its complete flavor is retained.