Organic Oregano

ehor Organic Oregano

Organic hand-picked twig OREGANO 25 gr

From the rough mountain of Epirus, North Greece, far away from conventional crops, we collect by hand wild organic herbs. The dried leaves of the herb are still attached to the twig and it is offered to you naturally in a clear biodegradable bag which is inside a modern design eco friendly kraft packaging.   










From Gk. oreiganon, from oros "mountain" (see oread) + ganos "brightness, ornament." It means “mountain joy”. Hippocrates used oregano, as an antiseptic, as well as a cure for stomach and respiratory ailments.In antiquity, it was used, along with honey, as a tonic, for the treatment of the cough, the tonsillitis and thrush. In addition, they used this beverage of oregano in spa therapy, for itch and scabies.


Oregano is an important culinary herb, it is mostly used for flavoring meat, especially for lamb. Adding small, rather than large, amounts of oregano, in its dried form, to a variety of foods, such as pizza, pasta sauces, salad dressings, soups, stews and Mediterranean dishes, egg, tomato or cheese-based meals, it can enhance the taste of your cooked dishes.

It's usually best to add dried oregano, near the end of the cooking time. The leaves are most often used in salads, and are usually added to the lemon-olive oil sauce that accompanies many fishes or meat barbecues and some casserole dishes.

Oregano adds depth and savor to any dish, but goes particularly well with tomatoes, eggplants, and any meat. Sprinkle some in your scrambled eggs or salad dressings, too. As all medicines, use it wisely. 


Store the dried type of the herb in a cool, dark place for a maximum of six months so that its complete flavor is retained.