Organic Mint

ehor Organic Mint

Organic hand-picked twig MINT 27 gr

From the rough mountain of Epirus, North Greece, far away from conventional crops, we collect by hand wild organic herbs. The dried leaves of the herb are still attached to the twig and it is offered to you naturally in a clear biodegradable bag which is inside a modern design eco friendly kraft packaging.   










Mintdescends from the Latin word mentha, which is rooted in the Greek word minthe, personified in Greek mythology as Minthe, a nymph who was transformed into a mint plant. Mint was used in Ancient Greek funeral rites, as well as in an ancient fermented barley drink. In ancient Greece, the leaves of mint were rubbed onto the dining table, which was a sign of their warm greeting. Mint was so respected by the ancient Greeks that they named the plant after the mythical character Minthe.

According to Greek myth, Minthe or Menthe as she is also known, was a river nymph. Hades, the God of the Underworld, fell in love with Minthe and wanted to seduce her. However, Persephone, Hades's wife found out and in a fit of rage, turned Minthe into a plant, so that everyone would walk all over her and trample her. Unable to undo the spell, Hades gave Minthe a wonderful aroma so that he could smell her and be near her when people trod on her.


Mint is a herb that can add flavor to a variety of dishes, both savory and sweet. It gives a clean, fresh taste to food and drinks and it can also be served as a garnish. A few sprigs of mint in hot or iced tea can enhance flavor.

It's also often paired with fruit juice, including melon, lemon, and tropical fruit juice. Mint leaves are essential in many alcohol-based drinks, like the mint julep.

Chocolate liqueurs are also an excellent place to use a mint garnish or mint ice cubes. Desserts, Chocolate and mint make a great combination. Brownies and cookies can easily become mint chocolate wonders with a little peppermint extract.

Fruit salads topped with whipped cream can also incorporate fresh mint. Frosting is another way to use mint and it will work especially well with white and yellow cakes. Also, consider peppermint meringues as a cool and low-fat dessert. Mint extract can be added to homemade ice cream. Crushed peppermint sticks can also be added to ice cream for a sparkling and clean finish.


Store the dried type of the herb in a cool, dark place for a maximum of six months so that its complete flavor is retained.