Organic Anise & Mastic Breadsticks

ehor Organic Anise and Mastic Breadsticks

These crunchy breadsticks made with the world famous mastic, produced only in the small island of Chios in Greece, full of beneficial properties, might taste bitter the first few seconds but it turns into a refreshing flavor. Combined with anise, olive oil and sesame seeds give you the healthiest yet tasteful snack which will provide you enough energy to sustain you throughout the day.   

INGREDIENTS: Wheat Flour*, Sesame*, Water, Olive Oil*, Sugar*, Anise (1,5%)*, Salt, Yeast, Baking Powder*, Mastic (0,1%)*

CONTAINS: Wheat* and Sesame Seeds*  

Retail Box 200gr / Packaging contains 15 biscuits /  *Product of organic farming.

Nutrition Facts

Per 100 gr

Per Breadstick (13 gr)


2192 kJ/ 522 kcal

285 kJ/ 67.9 kcal (3.4 %)


29.2 g

3.8 g (5.4 %)

of which - saturates

4.1 g

0.53 g (2.7 %)


49.2 g

6.4 g (2.5 %)

of which – sugars

14.8 g

1.9 g (2.1 %)


15.6 g

2.0 g (4.1 %)


0.61 g

0.08 g (1.3 %)





ANISE  : According to the ancient Greek doctor, Dioscurides, anise induces sexual desire. Also, Hippocrates recommended anise, to stop episodes of sneezing.

MASTIC: Latin mastiche, from Ancient Greek μαστίχη (mastikhē), from (mastikhaō, "I chew"), (note the chewing gum sense). Within the European Union, mastic production in the island of Chios is granted Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). There is even a small Museum of Mastic, in the village of Pyrgi in Chios. The mastic tree flourishes exclusively in southern Chios. According to some theories, this is due to the temperate climate and more specifically the microclimate of the region, but also due to the subsea volcanoes and the calcareous soil. Efforts were made in the past to cultivate the mastic tree, in other regions of Greece, as well as in other countries but without success. The first-century Greek physician, Pedanius Dioscorides, mentions the healing properties of mastic in his book ‘’De Materia Medica’’. Hippocrates, wrote that the mastic is good for prevention of digestive problems and colds. Galenus, suggested that mastic was useful for bronchitis and for improving the condition of the blood. Columbus, believed it was a cure for cholera.




·        Store in a cool, dry area, keep tightly covered after opening.

·       Storage time shown is for best quality only – after that, the texture of the breadsticks, color or flavour may change, but in most cases they will still be safe to consume if they have been stored properly.

·        Please see ‘’best before" on commercial packaging.