About us

ehor, according to the ancient Greek poet Homer, 

“is the Εthereal Golden Fluid that flows in the veins of the Gods, granting them the gift of immortality”.

Today, ehor is the new dominant Label which by bringing together the finest certified Greek agricultural producers brings to your door superior organic products, of the highest nutritive value and sensational taste.                 

Driven by our passion and guided from our principles such as respect for human and nature, honesty and professionalism we searched far and wide under the Mediterranean sun to find and gather only the best nutrition products the fertile Greek land has to offer. 

Our quest has taken us over diversified landscapes, seas and mountains where perfect combination of mild temperatures and soft winds contribute in a smaller, more ”human scale” Organic Farming and Bio Cultivation.

And our mission was accomplished: To create a Garden of premium products that’s now affordably accessible worldwide. 


·        Honey from the mountain of Mainnalos home to the Nymphs,

 ·       Herbs from the mountain of Epirus, where the oracle of Dodona lies on its valley,

         Extra virgin olive oil from the mountain of Taygetos where goddess Artemis was


         Extra virgin olive oil from Sparta the home town of King Leonidas

Bakery products from Ancient Corinth below the temple of Aphrodite, the goddess of love.           

All the legends and the scents mixed and sealed into an ultimate ecological impressive packaging.




The ancient Greeks believed that lunch time was not only food for the body but also for the spirit. The short and plain dinner, the world famous ‘’symposium’’, had become an institution. It had acquired rules and etiquette and was accompanied by music, poetry, dance and discussion. It is not a coincidence that during ‘’symposium’’ the lyric poetry was born. Their basic philosophy on food, as well in the rest of their lives was the sense of "well-being", the philosophy of Epicurus. Back then the main purpose of life was being and feeling well, in perfect harmony and in the parallel development of the body and the soul. For this reason, the Greek philosopher Epicurus is now deemed the father of gastronomy. Most of the medicines recommended by the famous ancient healer Hippocrates contained wine and herbs. Greeks are traditionally considered to be at the highest rank on the list of the longest living people in the world. The secret of longevity of the Greeks is the high consumption of olive oil, honey and generally the "Mediterranean" diet.

According to Aristotle, the sense of "well-being", meant happiness, good health and quality of life which are the highest values that can be acquired by an individual and can be achieved if we turn back to nature and study the past of mankind through the great civilizations, traditions, myths and lifestyles. Nature provides us generously with the sense of "well-being" and all we need to do is go back to it. The return to nature is a journey forward, not backward. It is a positive and worth taking step towards harmony and balance.

The idea of ​​"well-being» is one of the key stones of the ancient Greek civilization. The main topic of good food, which was based on the Mediterranean triad.  Wheat, oil and good wine, plenty but not in excess, with delicate flavor and gastronomic glory which gives as a result health, wellness and spiritual uplifts. This concept survived intact through the centuries, and can be found almost intact in Modern Greek culture. Today, in any authentic Greek meal, the first move before eating anything is for everyone to raise their glasses full of wine, and wish loud and warmly to all attendees HEALTH.

The following description is given by a famous American actor who visited Greece....

“You should see the landscape of Greece. It would break your heart. The land’s dazzling variety of colors, textures, temperatures, sounds and smells, constantly surprises the eye, the ear, the nose and the heart. But Greece has no harsh extremes. There are no hot deserts or frozen tundra here, no great plains or soaring mountains, no grand canyons or giant volcanoes. Everything seems to be made in a smaller, more human scale. The bright sunlight caresses every surface to expose the deepest blue of the sea, the startling white of stones and houses, the brilliant green of pine  forests, wheat fields and olive groves, the richest red and yellow of flowers. The ubiquitous smell of the sea blends smoothly with the pungent smell of mountain,  oregano, thyme or pine; it mixes well with the sweet scent of jasmine, lavender, basil or bay tree, and brings out the best aromas from vineyards, wineries, orange groves or freshly baked bread. The red unpromising soil was sown with stones, but it brought forth the gods, the heroes, and the philosophers, literature, architecture, and art.… Yet when you walk among the stones of Greece and experience that combination of light and water and earth that is the Greek landscape, it all becomes inevitable. No other land could have produced such a people, and this land could have produced nothing else’’.


So make a tour to ‘’our selected table" and we warmly wish you "TO YOUR GOOD HEALTH".